UPDATED DIPT NYC ® NEWS: Hot Off The Press Sneaker Release Out Of Florida Based Silvano Apparel – “The Fly High Silvano Pigeon”

If you didn’t know, Florida-based sneaker aficionado Courtney Cox has opened a sneaker spot by the name of Project 51 [Local winner of the best of sneaker store 09′] in Coconut Grove, Fl and taken it upon himself to creat his own line of kicks with Silvano Apparel.  At press time we could not find a website for Project 51.  The colorway looks much like Jeff Staple’s SB Pigeon & you can also see an actual Pigeon on the shoe [Not sure what Jeff would think of this].  For more information you will need to hit up Silvano Apparel’s website which at this time you can only enter your email information to gain more info on the release [I wouldn’t want to be the one working that inbox].  Personally kinda dig the lines on this high top and also this colorway but my reaction is mixed otherwise.  I dig the actual shoe shown here but I DO NOT dig individuals biting off of other people’s creativity & originality which is what could be be going on here [regarding Jeff’s shoe]!  We are not sure as of now what other colorways will be available or exactly when but I have added the phone number below if you wish to give them a ring.  I can actually foresee a cease & desist letter already in the mail on these.

While expressing you’re thoughts some of you wanted to see a few more colorways besides for the Pigeon Edition. Thankfully we have just that. Courtney supplied us with a shot of a few additional colorways of the Fly High, without the iconic pigeon logo. Courtney hasn’t told us exactly when the sneakers will be available but it was revealed that the Fly High “Pigeon” is scheduled for a release in August so it’s quite possible these will be releasing around the same time.

PROJECT51 Premium Goods Store

2998 McFarlane RD, 2998 McFarlane RD
Coconut Grove , FL, 33133
Ph: 786.431.1226

-The Ice Cream Man

The Ice Cream Factory

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20 Responses to “UPDATED DIPT NYC ® NEWS: Hot Off The Press Sneaker Release Out Of Florida Based Silvano Apparel – “The Fly High Silvano Pigeon””

  1. Does anyone know if they will supply in kids sizes ? These are nice I would like to get my son a few pairs. I’m feeling the Black and lime green.

  2. The new colors are HOT!!!! Happy I was able to see this post. They have me sold. Does anyone know what the retail price will be ?

  3. Hey everyone … I found a few other colors from Silvano @ the following website below. Cut and paste the link to view. ( ENJOY!! )


  4. Hey, everyone. I’m from Miami and I just came from Profect 51 and talked with Courtney Cox about the Pigeon shoe we all are hearing about. How about it was a publicity stunt and this shoe will not be coming out. I was able to view a few other color ways that they will release. All I can say is ( HOT ) I am sure Sneakerfreaker and a few other blogs will release the new color ways in a few days.

  5. Out of no wear this new shoe company comes around and gets all kind of talk. I think all of this was planned. I looked at the other Pigeon’s and the shoe completely different. Same concept but who cares. This type of thing happens everyday. steve madden copies Gucci and all the other highend shoe companies and put there logo and name on the shoe. This will go on forever. I just like the fact that they do have a shoe that’s different from any other shoe I have seen. I’M A FAN!!

  6. I agree, good marketing idea. I did some research and the pigeon isn’t trademarked. I would have done the same thing. They can’t get in any trouble for it. I think this shoe company will do good. When I look behind the Pigeon I see a very clean and hot shoe. Wish they had more colors for us to see.

  7. I don’t see what the big deal is. It’s not like the shoe is out yet. Who knows mybe they did this to get the name of there brand out. Any way I look at it. It’s a dam good idea. I would love to see what else they have in store for us.

  8. Durdy Buddha Says:

    ….they copied the pigeon …. lol.

    Could have gotten away with the similar cut,and color, but they COPIED THE PIGEON. Like a big ass homing beacon. lol.

    That aside, it’s a nice shoe and I really like it … maybe they will stock it at target.

  9. I thought everyone would like to see this response I received upon filling out the inquiry form provided on their website out of curiosity.

    “Thanks so much for taking a look at our shoes. The shoes will be available for purchase on August 1, 2010, from our website http://www.silvanoapparel.com. We also ship internationally. Take a look in August at our many styles and colors. We will send you a reminder in the coming months.

    Silvano Apparel, Inc.”

  10. Yeah the shoe looks hot but it also looks lik a blatant rip off of the pigeon’s and that my friends is completely wrong

  11. I think the shoe is hot. Would like to see a few other of there colors. I don’t see what the big deal is. Nike took gucci color way to make a shoe. I do hear what everyone is saying but I think this shoe is cleaner and looks better than the other pigeon’s I have seen.

  12. I took at look at the shoe and it is different. I like the idea and the concept. I will be a buyer when it comes out.

    • The idea and concept? I would like it if it were their own it is just way to hard to think that any originality is involved in the process of this take to be honest. There will be other colors fyi. The colorway similarities could possibly fly but the blatant addition of the pigeon on this new shoe is what gets me, and match that with the colorway it is a dead ringer. Regarding a possible cease & desist order, I am not a lawyer by any means but I an educated guess leads me to believe it would be tough on something like the “pigeon” being the trademark. Very generalized ya know.

  13. Damn … they even copied the pigeon. smh.

  14. KJ,
    Yeah I have to agree with you. I feel the shoe a bit but never ever do I agree with someone unoriginal or “biting” someone else’s style, designs etc.

  15. Not sure how I feel about this dude. But my initial reaction was “not cool”…

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