Breaking News Video: Kanye West “Street Lights” Directed By Spike Jonze & Jonathan Bensimmon

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This one is official & was directed by Spike Jonze & Jonathan Bensimon in Tokyo.  The imagery shows a man strolling through the capital being haunted by bizarre imagery. 


-The Ice Cream Man


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UPDATED DIPT NYC ® NEWS: Hot Off The Press Sneaker Release Out Of Florida Based Silvano Apparel – “The Fly High Silvano Pigeon”

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If you didn’t know, Florida-based sneaker aficionado Courtney Cox has opened a sneaker spot by the name of Project 51 [Local winner of the best of sneaker store 09′] in Coconut Grove, Fl and taken it upon himself to creat his own line of kicks with Silvano Apparel.  At press time we could not find a website for Project 51.  The colorway looks much like Jeff Staple’s SB Pigeon & you can also see an actual Pigeon on the shoe [Not sure what Jeff would think of this].  For more information you will need to hit up Silvano Apparel’s website which at this time you can only enter your email information to gain more info on the release [I wouldn’t want to be the one working that inbox].  Personally kinda dig the lines on this high top and also this colorway but my reaction is mixed otherwise.  I dig the actual shoe shown here but I DO NOT dig individuals biting off of other people’s creativity & originality which is what could be be going on here [regarding Jeff’s shoe]!  We are not sure as of now what other colorways will be available or exactly when but I have added the phone number below if you wish to give them a ring.  I can actually foresee a cease & desist letter already in the mail on these.

While expressing you’re thoughts some of you wanted to see a few more colorways besides for the Pigeon Edition. Thankfully we have just that. Courtney supplied us with a shot of a few additional colorways of the Fly High, without the iconic pigeon logo. Courtney hasn’t told us exactly when the sneakers will be available but it was revealed that the Fly High “Pigeon” is scheduled for a release in August so it’s quite possible these will be releasing around the same time.

PROJECT51 Premium Goods Store

2998 McFarlane RD, 2998 McFarlane RD
Coconut Grove , FL, 33133
Ph: 786.431.1226

-The Ice Cream Man

The Ice Cream Factory

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Do You Know This American Icon? You Should!!!

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Do you know this man?

Let me elaborate, some may think this is an add post for my blog but on the contrary it really is not.  The picture you see here is of Fess Parker who died yesterday at the ripe old age of 85 in California.  He would be the man responsible for turning the coonskin cap into the must have accesory while playing Alamo icon Davy Crockett in a series of Disneyland TV productions in the mid 1950’s.  He planted his position as tv’s top frontiersman playing also another historical figure, Daniel Boone, in an NBC series of the same name from 1964 to 1970.  This would be one of his final tv roles before going into real estate & then on into building a successful vineyard in California’s Santa Ynez Valley.  The tall Texan at 6-foot-6 also starred in the 1957 classic Old Yeller.

The ever famous “king of the wild frontier” theme song became a phenomenon for Parker from these ventures.  Also note that at one point 5,000 coonskin caps were sold a day EVEN skewing a whole market {which he created} raising the price of the fur from 25 cents per pound to $8 a pound.  If that is not market influence then I simply do not know what is. He was responsible for it.  In 1989, Parker & his family moved to a Santa Ynez Valley property next to Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch where he operated the inn & became a vintner with his winery {featured in the 2004 blockbuster movie, Sideways as the Frass Canyon Winery} drawing acclaim for its varieties. Cheers to a true American Icon!!!

Source: USA Today

-The Ice Cream Man

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EXCLUSIVE DIPT NYC® Web Only Release For The Haiti Relief Effort T Shirt – Limited To 75 Total Pieces Total!!! Act Fast!!!

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We always like to get involved & help when we can over here at the ice cream factory that time is now. Although the initial catastrophe has passed, Haiti still needs our help more than ever. Here is the Extremely Limited Edition DIPT NYC® Haiti Relief T Shirt is now available to the general public ONLY online via the DIPT NYC® Webstore.  We take payment via any credit/debit card on the website and the process is very easy & painless.  These will be available in heather grey, white, carolina blue & yellow.  Note that these designs were produced from hand drawn illustrations with the thought process being to lift the nation by doing our little part & what we can to assist in the rebuilding of Haiti.  There were only 75 total pieces produced so act fast because once they are gone they are gone!  Feel free to contact & The Ice Cream Man with any questions. 

We are even taking care of the shipping & handling for everyone & also we would like to note that 50% of the proceeds from each sale will go to a determined Haiti relief effort of our choice.  These are listed at $25 + sales tax that “The Man” instructs we pay to his institution.  Yes, that’s free shipping & handling to anywhere in the US.  All orders will be shipped out in the following week.  Check out some photos from the shoot below! SO FR3SH & FROSTY!  Please share with all of your friends.

Thanks to Bad Jon Photography for the time & Madison as well.

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Directed by Nabil Elderkin, who told MTV earlier today that unlike their previous videos together (“Paranoid” “Welcome To Heartbreak”) Kanye was not involved in the editing process and was only presented a final version for approval.

Like the Paranoid video, this video has a new/different mix than the album version.
“This is definitely more of a haunting one. ‘Cause this is sort of a remix… This one he got into his production a little bit more.”

-The Ice Cream Man


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I ran across this randomly cruising the web the other day and it blew me away a bit. Check out the speed skills on the drum machine. Now, even though I am a huge music fan I have not been completely schooled on production and the complexities. That being said I am not sure if this dude is really that good or just really fast. At any rate, in my eyes, it is dope as hell! Feel free to leave your comment and thoughts on it.

Source: Youtube
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Simple & clean just how I like it! I ran across this video browsing one day and I have to say it is pretty amazing how well this was shot, especially considering how quick it was completed. This was all done reportedly shot, cut & edited in 3 hours in Massachusetts taking advantage of the snowy day.

These are the simple things people. You must take them into account when you feel them and don’t let them pass because once they have passed they have floated on. Enjoy!

Source: I Love QP

-The Ice Cream Man

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Boogie's Photos Used As Stills In The New Show "How To Make It In America"

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I am a big fan of the new HBO show “How To Make It In America” and the mixtape from Kid Cudi & Green Lantern as well so I was equally excited to run across an interview with Photographer BOOGIE who resides in Brooklyn but grew up in Belgrade and the fact that the show used some of his photos as stills in the opening sequence.

Check out the full article via HBO. Check out more over at Boogie’s Blog and Art Coup.

Source: The World’s Best Ever
-The Ice Cream Man