About DIPT NYC® “The Brand”

Straight out of the Lower East Side of NYC. I always have had great visions in my head and sketched on paper but had never implemented them so I figured why not share it with the world via 100% personalized, limited edition t-shirts brought forward on the softest, most luxurious cotton available. There has not been in the past, is not at this time, and never will be another product available comparable to this. The name and the vision came from the idea that everything of vibrant color, culture and life could be associated with being DIPT NYC. Think ice cream, kotton kandy, blazing summer colors, gumballs, candy, and most importantly personality and life. The pillars of DIPT NYC are originality and individuality. Do what ya like and do what ya feel? Be yourself. Who cares what anyone else thinks! Do you and let me do me! This is the inspiration and life I live: music, film, passion, art, design, diversity, culture and everyday people. DIPT NYC is not to be defined to a single defined market, demographic or race. If you like it, cop it and rock it with respect. My vision is that DIPT NYC will meld all races and cultures together in harmony to bring forth an undeniable revolution in the streets.
With this being said I present DIPT NYC:

Stay Frosty and DIPT NYC!


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